Uganda military deploys around parliament, city centre

Johannesburg – The Ugandan military has deployed around parliament and in the city centre, Uganda’s Daily Monitor reported Tuesday morning.

This follows Ugandan police arresting 10 youths on Monday for staging an illegal rally opposing a planned constitutional amendment to allow President Yoweri Museveni, one of the world’s longest serving rulers, to stand for another term.

The current constitutional laws stipulate that presidential candidates must be 75 years of age or under. Museveni, 73, came to power in 1986, while the next elections are due in 2021.

Members of Parliament expressed concern over the deployment of armoured vehicles and military police at City Square in Kampala and in the precincts of parliament.

And while the police have refused to comment, the heavy military presence appears in preparation for preventing more demonstrations by youths protesting the pending removal of the presidential age limit.

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