Santa Rosa police arrest man suspected of assaults, rampage at medical office

A 21-year-old man suspected of being under the influence of multiple drugs assaulted several people inside a west Santa Rosa medical office Tuesday morning before running naked down West College Avenue, where a police officer used a Taser to subdue him and then arrested him, police said.

The violent rampage, at a St. Joseph Health pulmonary medical office and sleep study center, was reported about 9:45 a.m., when Santa Rosa police received multiple calls about a man, later identified as Joshua Fajardo, of Santa Rosa, assaulting patients and office staff, authorities said.

Five people were assaulted at the clinic and three of the victims were taken to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital for additional treatment of head injuries, mainly cuts, none of which were life threatening, officials said.

Fajardo was already a wanted suspect in an incident earlier Tuesday morning in which police said he assaulted his housemate while under the influence of multiple drugs, including methamphetamine and LSD.

The attack at the medical clinic began, police said, after Fajardo crashed his car on nearby Tesconi Court, where he ran around in the parking lot yelling, then fled on foot toward businesses on West College.

Richard Freeman had just left the St. Joseph clinic and was in his car checking his cellphone when he saw a man running to the front door of the office building. He “throws it open, goes inside. I hear some yelling. Next thing I know I’m hearing screaming.”

“‘Stop him. Stop him. He’s hurting people,’” Freeman, a Santa Rosa attorney, said he heard from the clinic as he called 911.

Police said Fajardo entered the front door and immediately punched a 56-year old man sitting in the waiting room. Then he grabbed the legs of a woman in the room who attempted to flee through the receptionist’s window, according to Santa Rosa police. The woman was able to escape but Fajardo followed her, yelling as he moved around the office, police said.
Hearing the commotion, a 44-year old doctor who was treating a patient came out and tried to calm Fajardo, who punched him in the head, police said, toppling the doctor into the office wall. Fajardo then moved to a 61-year old patient, threw her to the ground, got on top of her and punched her in the head repeatedly, according to police.

When a female staff member tried to intervene, Fajardo turned toward her and followed her as she ran down a hallway and into an office, police said. There, he began throwing punches at the 71-year old woman, but she grabbed him by the testicles in self-defense and he left the room, police said.

Fajardo then took off all his clothes and began walking through the halls of the office, banging on doors to rooms where people were hiding from him. When officers arrived, he fled out the back door, according to police.

He ran naked, westbound, down the middle of West College, chased by a police officer and the doctor he struck. At one point he collided with a car and landed on its hood, police said. He continued running and turned onto Zuur Court and headed toward a man working in his yard but an officer got to him first and subdued him with a Taser, police said.

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