Enemy within? German army looking for Islamist infiltrators in its ranks, report says

German Military Intelligence (MAD) is looking into nearly 300 cases of potential extremists, including Islamist infiltrators in its ranks, and is mulling tougher screening for recruits because of the situation, Die Welt reports, citing military sources.

“Currently the MAD is checking a three-digit number of suspected extremists in the armed forces: 268 right-wing extremists, 64 Islamists and six left-wing extremists,” Die Welt  on Sunday, citing an unnamed military official.

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According to the outlet, the MAD has tip-offs about plans to enroll so-called “short-term servicemen” into the German army (Bundeswehr) for them to get proper military training.

The intelligence agency is also reported as saying that so-called “green-on-blue,” or insider, attacks, would be possible in that case.

“Risks by such perpetrators for the military compounds inside and outside the country cannot be excluded in that regard.”

In a bid to counter potential dangers, the Bundeswehr plans to introduce security checks for new recruits via the MAD. According to the plan, extremists, terrorists and criminals should in this way be denied any chance to join the ranks of the army.

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