VIDEO: Police Pursue Stolen Bulldozer As It Crushes Patrol Car And Keeps Going

Kankakee, Ill – An 18-year-old man in a stolen bulldozer led police on a four-mile-long pursuit early August 24th, which included the machine crushing a patrol car. Video of the pursuit has now been released (video below.)

An apparently intoxicated man, Austin White, found a bulldozer at an empty construction site in Bradley at around 3 AM and decided to steal it. He then started driving it around the streets of Kankakee.

An off-duty officer saw the bulldozer driving around town and reported it to the on-duty officers.

The video shows the bulldozer backing over a patrol car as an officer bails out just in time to avoid being crushed to death.

Police pursued on foot and in their vehicles for around four miles before it stopped and officers were able to drag White out of the driver’s seat and place him under arrest, according to FOX 5.

After being pulled out, White continued to resist arrest and was Tased, according to ABC 7.

In addition to the DUI charge for driving a bulldozer while drunk, White faces six felony charges related to attempting to murder a police officer and stealing the bulldozer.

No officers were reported to be injured during the incident. The patrol car did not survive.

What do you think an appropriate sentence is for a drunk 18-year-old who almost crushes a police officer to death under a 20 ton bulldozer? We’d like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments, and if you haven’t already done so, please follow us on our Facebook page for more police news.

You can see the video of the pursuit below. (No sound in video)

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