VIDEO: Officer Going To Extremes To Avoid Force Gets Attacked, Forced To Shoot Suspect

William Porubsky Ignored 41 Police Commands Before Fighting With Officer

Stow, Ohio – A Ohio man was shot and killed by police after was told by officer 26 times to leave a police vehicle, another 15 times to sit on the curb, and he then attacked the officer. (Video below)

Instead, William Porubsky eventually got out of the police car but then tried to steal the car before lunging at Stow Police Officer Robert Molody. Porubsky was fatally shot during the struggle.

Police released video of the September 3 incident.

Stow police received a call about a man who was beating on the doors of residential homes and asking for cigarettes. Police found the man and offered to give him a ride to a homeless shelter, according to Cleveland.com.

The video showed the Officer Molody repeatedly telling Porubsky to get out of his car while he tried to convince the man to go inside the homeless shelter.

Officer Molody even brought a passing bystander into the conversation and asking him to tell Porubsky that the homeless shelter was open. Porubsky still refused to leave the police car even after the officer said he’d walk him to the shelter.

“Get out of the car, Billy,” Officer Molody said.

After Porubsky refused to leave the police vehicle, the officer warned him he was going to use his Taser.

Porubsky eventually came out of the police vehicle but then refused to the officer’s orders to sit on the curb.

“Don’t shoot me with that, ever, bro. I didn’t do nothing to you,” Porubsky said with the Taser pointed at him.

“Damn. You serious right now?” Porubsky asked.
“You threatened me. You are sitting on the curb,” Officer Molody said.
“I threatened you? You’re not an officer of the law,” Porubsky said.
“Yeah. Because I drive a police car for no reason,” Officer Molody responded.

Eventually, Porubsky agreed to go to the curb and shut to police car door but then lunged for the officer.

After an initial struggle, Porubsky backed off as the officer used his Taser, but then Porubsky charged at the officer and the two got into a ground fight. Porubsky was shot during the ground fight.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating the shooting.

Watch the video of the struggle between Porubsky and Officer Molody.

Source bluelivesmatter

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