VIDEO: Officer Fights For His Life As Suspect Attacks, Goes For His Gun

Video: Calverton Park Officer Attacked By Markarios Kirkwood

St. Louis County, MO – A Calverton Park police officer ended up in a fight for his life after what started out as a traffic stop for speeding. Dashcam video of the fight has been released (video below.)

The incident started Wednesday at 2 AM when the officer, who was not identified, saw a car driving 70 MPH, according to Fox 2 Now.

“I thought it was a misread at first, because I usually don’t get cars that fast,” the officer told Fox 2 Now. “So I grabbed the handheld radar and I immediately turn my lights on and I spin around and catch up to him.”

The vehicle pulled over and jumped a curb. The officer then went up and contacted the driver, 42-year-old Markarios Kirkwood.

“At that point, I’m thinking DWI,” the officer told Fox 2 Now. “With the speed he was going and the way he stopped, I was thinking DWI the whole way through.”

In the video, the officer asks Kirkwood to get out to do field sobriety tests. Then the officer noticed that the suspect had a knife in his pocket. The officer tried to grab the knife but Kirkwood kept going for it. That’s when the officer tried to get Kirkwood on the ground to get control of him, and Kirkwood attacked.

The officer fought with Kirkwood for two and a half minutes as Kirkwood tried to take the officer’s gun. The officer kept his hand over his holstered gun while Kirkwood worked to rip it away.

Finally, the officer was able to get Kirkwood in a headlock and get him under control.

“It’s very gut-wrenching to see a law enforcement officer in that situation where It can turn to deadly force at any time,” Chief Delia Vince told Fox 2 Now. “Our unwritten rule is ‘always make it home’ and in this case he did so, and that’s the number one goal: always make it home form the job!”

Kirkwood was on parole from other charges and has now been charged with assault. He’s being held on $50,000 bail.

You can see the video of the fight below:

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