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VIDEO: Murder Suspect Jumps Car Driving On I-75 While Fleeing From Police – Cop Follows Behind

Video: Detroit Murder Suspect Tackled From Top Of Car By Police

Detroit, MI – Amazing video captured the moment that a murder suspect jumped a car that was driving down I-75, and an officer followed right behind to take the suspect down (badass video below.)

The incident started just after 12:30 PM on Friday on northbound I-75, according to Fox 2.

A murder suspect led officers on a long pursuit down the interstate and through Detroit.

The suspect’s vehicle finally got a flat tire at around 12:50 PM, and then the suspect bailed and fled on foot.

While running, the suspect jumped a barrier and ran into traffic on the interstate. With a car heading right towards him, the suspect jumped the hood, up to the top of the van.

Officers quickly surrounded the van, and one of the officers charged right up to tackle him down.

No further details about the case have been released at this time.

It’s not clear what agencies were involved in the pursuit, but Michigan state police had just implemented a policy not to pursue vehicles in Detroit after a 16 year old on an ATV fled from a police and fatally crashed his ATV.

Some Detroit politicians have been very vocal about not wanting outside agencies to pursue vehicles in their city.

One of those critics, Coleman Young II, a state senator and the son of longtime former Mayor of Detroit Coleman Young, held a news conference and called a SWAT raid on an attempted murder suspect “white supremacy.” He hasn’t yet released a statement criticizing this latest pursuit.

UPDATE: The suspect was wanted for shooting a female yesterday morning who is now in extremely grave condition. The shooting happened yesterday in southwest Detroit near the Lincoln Park-Detroit border, according to Fox 2 Now.

You can see the video of the end of the pursuit below:

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