VIDEO: ‘I’m Going To The Roof, That Sucker’s Coming Off’ 83-Year-Old Ends Police Standoff By Throwing Suspect Off Roof

La Puente, CA – 83-year-old grandfather Wilford Burgess got tired of waiting for the police to end a standoff with a man on his roof, so he went up and handled it personally. Video of the incident was captured (video below.)

The incident occurred on Tuesday, September 12 about 6:34 AM, according to The Los Angeles Daily News, when someone called police to report that he or she was being followed near Nelson and Orange Avenues.

When police arrived, they saw a man jumping from roof to roof.

The man ended up on a roof in the 14100 block of Beckner Street, and the five-hours-long standoff began.  Crisis negotiators were requested and responded to the scene.

Ashley Wrenn woke up around 7:00 AM and heard deputies yelling, “We know where you are. We can see you” to someone.

She said that she and her sister could hear someone stomping and running on the roof and that she and a crisis negotiator talked to the man, who refused to come down.

During the incident, a neighbor’s younger brother threatened the man not to jump off a roof into his property, but the man jumped into his garage after the brother left.  However, the neighbor’s father was inside the garage, and the man decided it was in his best interest to jump back onto the roof of Wrenn’s grandfather’s house.

She said that a neighbor got a ladder while police were trying to negotiate with the man, and her 83-year-old grandfather, Wilford Burgess, “climbed it real quick”.

“I said…’I’m going up on the roof, that sucker’s coming off,’” Burgess said.

Wrenn said that her grandfather was “so upset”, and that he told the man “You need to get down and off my roof.”

Apparently the man didn’t move fast enough, according to Wrenn, who said her grandfather pushed the man “to a corner of the roof and then threw him off the roof.”  She recorded the incident, and said that her mother’s car was damaged when the man landed on top of it.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sergeant David Cortinas said deputies took the man into custody, and that he was transported to a hospital for psychological evaluation.  The man’s name was not released.

“I tell everybody, ‘Just because you’re old, that don’t mean you got to sit down. As long as you’re able to move, move,’” Wilford Burgess told ABC 7.

You can see the video Burgess taking matters into his own hands below:

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