VIDEO: Cook County Inmate Attacks Corrections Officers – Sends Three To Hospital In Shocking Attack

Chicago, IL – The Cook County Sheriff’s Office released a video on Thursday, August 31, of an incident that occurred on August 24 when an inmate attacked several corrections officers before being brought under control.

In the video, the inmate, later identified as Austin Allen, age 31, can be seen resisting an officer’s attempt to handcuff him.

He then is seen grabbing a corrections officer’s leg and pulling him to the ground, according to ABC7 Chicago.

Three corrections officers tackled Allen, and tried unsuccessfully to restrain him.  In the video you could also see one correction officer standing by awkwardly and pointing at the fight.

Corrections officers swarmed the room and sprayed Allen with pepper spray. The officers then stood around while Allen regained his composure and got back up.

The video then shows Allen pacing around the room before going after another corrections officer and getting doused in pepper spray.

Allen then attacked again and it took the large group of officers fighting him to get him back under control.

Three correctional officers, who were not identified, were treated for non-life threatening injuries.  Allen was charged with aggravated battery and two counts of felony resisting.  Before this incident, he was in jail for a domestic battery case.

This video just serves as a small example of the dangers faced every day when corrections officers are locked up with dangerous inmates. Thankfully, this time the corrections officers outnumbered the prisoner.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is conducting the investigation.  The video can be seen below.

NOTE: The video starts out a bit slow, but keep it going, it keeps getting better and better until the end.

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