Texas Family Finds Neighbor’s Body Floating In Home, Then Cops Make 2nd Shocking Discovery

A Texas family was horrified to find their 90-year-old neighbor’s body floating in her home after getting permission from her son to check on her. Sadly, the coroner was not able to retrieve the woman’s body for four days, and when cops arrived, they made a second shocking discovery that will make your blood boil.

According to Daily Mail, Agnes Stanley, a 90-year-old Houston resident, had told her neighbors she wanted to stay at home and ride out the storm. On Sunday, August 27, 2017, one of Stanley’s neighbors named Michele Poche received permission from her son to enter her home and check on her. Their grim discovery was truly one they never wanted to make.

“We saw that she was under the water and we backed out and called 911,” Poche recalled. According to police, Stanley drowned on Sunday, August 27, 2017, and her body was left floating in about 4 feet of water in her home. What is truly sickening is the next shocking discovery police made.

According to Houston Police Department, Stanley’s neighbors said that looters had ransacked her home and stolen her belongings while her body floated around inside. There is a special place in hell for these looters who committed such a vile act. Police said that Stanley’s home was targeted along with others in the Meyerland neighborhood of Houston. The woman’s body was finally retrieved by the coroner on Thursday, August 31, 2017.

During an interview with EyeWitness News, Poche, who is a trained paramedic, gave her account of what happened after she secured the safety of her own family. “Rescue mode, yeah,” Poche said. “I knew my kids were safe. I wanted to take care of everyone else at that point.” Poche said that she was primarily worried about her 90-year-old neighbor who insisted on staying in her home during the hurricane.

“She had great difficulty getting around,” Poche said. “She was not ambulatory, neighbors brought her paper every day, brought her coffee, we all kind of pitched in to take care of her.” Deeply troubled, Poche confirmed that Stanley’s’ home had been looted during the time that her body was still floating inside. “She was still in there,” Poche said. “The coroner was not able to get in until Thursday to pick her body up. Yeah, they broke into her house and stole stuff, too.”

Many neighborhoods in flooded areas have now put up signs warning looters of the penalty for stealing from their homes, and Houston police are reportedly patrolling local neighborhoods on horseback to prevent further looting in areas where it’s difficult to drive a vehicle. The heartbreaking reality in many parts of Texas is that, even though countless families have lost nearly everything, looters will try to take what little they have left.

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