One Of America’s Most Violent Cities Offers New Cops Lower Salary Than Security Guards

Flint Police Department Hiring On Shockingly Low Salary

Flint, MI –  Flint, America’s 11th most violent city, has opened up applications for new police officers with a starting salary of $11.25 per hour; that amount is the equivalent of an annual salary of $23,400.

That amount is what the city pays entry-level police officers for the first six months, according to Michigan Live.  It’s not known what the salary is after six months of employment.

The information is listed on a job poster recruiting applicants, age 18 and older, who would attend the police academy first for 16-18 weeks.

When the city was recruiting applicants about five years ago for 10-12 police officer positions, they were paying about $5 more per hour, for an annual salary of about $33,000.  New officers’ salaries were designed then to increase to slightly more than $50,500 in a year.

New police officers will be hired to patrol streets in one of the nation’s most violent cities, and get paid less than people in other jobs that don’t deal in life or death circumstancess.

For example, statistics show that substitute teachers are paid about $12.46 per hour; security guard about $13.05 per hour;  restaurant cooks about $11.45 per hour;  janitors about $12.56 per hour, blackjack and other table game dealers about $11.44 per hour; taxi drivers about $11.40 per hour; bellhops about $12.02 per hour; bicycle repairers about $12.21 per hour; manicurists $12.82 per hour; telemarketers about $12.95 per hour; crossing guards, about $12.34 an hour; and garbage collectors about $18.32 an hour.

Statistics show that a new Flint police officer will make less than half of the average wage for a police officer in the state of Michigan.  The annual wage for police officers in Michigan is about $57,240; the annual wage for a police officer in the United States is about $62,760.

Police officials said that they don’t have enough officers on patrol to handle the number of 911 calls they get each day.  100 additional police officers were requested in the county budget for 2017, due to an average response time of 21 minutes for high-priority calls.

Response times have almost doubled this year, especially in July, which was about 58 minutes.

Another statistic to consider is Flint’s ranking as the 11th most violent city in the United States, for cities with at least 50,000 population, when compared with the 29 other cities that had the highest violent crime rates across the country.

If you’re interested, you can submit your application now.

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