VIDEO: Gunfight Bodycam – Officers With Pistols Take Out Suspect With Rifle

Chino Valley, Arizona – The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office have released police cam video from a deputy involved with the shooting of a man who confronted officers with a rifle after they pulled over his vehicle. (Video below)

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Deputy Theresa Kennedy and Chino Valley Police Officer Jeffrey Pizzi shot and wounded Martin Avena after he was driving a van and pulled over by the police . Arena, 70, was taken to the hospital where he died July 24, according to the Daily Courier.

Martin Avena was being sought by deputies regarding a domestic violence incident in which Avena attacked his wife so bad that she needed to be hospitalized. The deputies were warned that Avena was armed and had threatened any law enforcement officers who would be responding, according to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office.

Police located Avena driving his van in Chino Valley and they initiated a traffic stop. Avena confronted the deputies and officers with a rifle.

The video shows Officer Kennedy driving up to the van. ““I’m trying to stop him, I’m lighting him up,” Officer Kennedy said into her radio as she turned her siren on.

Officer Kennedy could be heard telling dispatch that Avena failed to stop. Once Arena finally pulled over, Officer Kennedy yelled, “Put your hands out the window!”
She then yelled, “Put your hands up!”
When Avena started to get our with his rifle, the officers opened fire.

The video was released July 28 after the Department of Public Safety investigators completed their interviews, according to the Daily Courier.
Watch the gunfight here:

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