VIDEO: Five Time Murderer Tries To Club Down Jail Guard – Backup Comes And Takes Him Down

Video released by the county jail shows a suspect accused of murdering five people –  including his mother –  lying in wait for a prison guard to show up and attacking him with a flashlight in an attempt to escape. (Video below)

Prisoner Damian Herrera’s chances of escaping ended when another jail employee arrived 20 seconds later to help take down the prisoner. The two guards are then able to overpower Herrera. Soon, many more guards showed up.

The video shows how Herrera was able to lock a guard in his cell and then steal a large flashlight at the guard’s station to use in his attack.

“He told one of the guards that was on duty that his toilet wasn’t working. So the guard went ahead and opened the door to check the toilet. When he went in to check the toilet, Mr. Herrera locked him into the cell,” said Rio Arriba County Sheriff James Lujan, according to KOAT TV.

“As the guard passed the corner of the wall, he struck him with a flashlight, and then a fight ensued. So they had a wrestling match going on in the booking area,” Lujan said.

The guards were able to strap Herrera’s ankles and wrists into a chair but he was still able to break of those restraints. Police said this was the second time Herrera attempted an escape.
Sheriff Lujan said he thinks Herrera should be transferred to the state prison in Santa Fe.
Damian Herrera, 21, is accused of five murders,

including three of his own family members, on June 15, according to the Las Cruces Sun-News. Police believe that Herrera got into an argument with his stepfather who wouldn’t allow Herrera to use a car. Police think that’s when the shooting spree began.

Herrera’s shooting victims included his stepfather, mother and brother as well as a man who gave him a ride after Herrera fled the shootings. Herrera shot that man and stole his truck. Herrera then shot another man at a gas station.
Watch the incident below. The action starts at around the 50 second mark:

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