Cop Walks Hand-In-Hand With Son Before Work, Pic Is Now Going Viral For 1 Haunting Reason

As a police officer, husband, and father from Southport, Indiana, Aaron Allan knew the importance of quality time with his family. Although his career often took precedence in his life, he knew how to make every moment with his loved ones special.

When his 5-year-old son asked him to walk hand-in-hand to the bus before he left for his shift, he happily obliged. However, when his wife took the adorable father-and-son picture, none of them could have predicted the haunting reason it would later go viral.

Unfortunately, it was the last time his son would ever hold his hand because Allan was shot and killed after responding to the scene of a car crash. A sick thug, later identified as Jason Brown, had shot and killed the 20-year law enforcement veteran.

Although the officer was simply trying to help, this man murdered him in cold blood. He was later arrested and charged with murder, according to IJ Review, but that doesn’t bring the officer back.
The heartbreaking photo is now going viral as it shows the haunting reality police officers and their families face, sometimes sacrificing everything to keep Americans safe.

They wake up every morning accepting the possibility that, once they leave for work, they may never see their families again, but they put on their uniform anyway. There is no greater sacrifice than a person heroically putting themselves in danger in order to keep complete strangers safe.

“It is with a heavy heart that I say this afternoon we lost a brother, Lt. Aaron Allan,” SPD Chief Thomas Vaughn said, according to Fox News. “Lieutenant Allan was a hard worker, and today was no different. He responded to a crash with urgency to preserve life. Tragically, his was lost.” Allan was the department’s officer of the year in 2015 and was known by his nickname “Teddy Bear.”

Sadly, Aaron made the ultimate sacrifice, leaving behind a wife and two sons, ages 5 and 18. Another family is missing a loved one, solely because of the violent thugs in our country. Although these officers know the risks that they’re taking, it doesn’t excuse the actions of the person who kills them.

When the men and women who put their lives on the line are being blatantly disrespected and targeted by the same people whom they sacrifice everything to protect, it’s utterly disgusting that we’ve devolved to this as a society. It’s time that everyone in our nation looked at police officers and saw who they truly are — heroes. They deserve better than they’re getting, so the next time you see a police officer, be sure to thank him or her — you don’t know what they might be forced to face in the future or what they’ve gone through already.

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