WATCH: Michigan Hooligan Gets Rude Awakening After She Sucker Punches Cop

Shocking footage of a stupid Michigan woman has surfaced on the internet in which she sucker punches a police officer during a traffic stop. Stunned viewers watch as this loser gets a rude awakening after she takes a cheap shot at the officer’s head.

According to local news source WTHR, Kristen Campbell and her friend were pulled over by Lincoln Park Officer Patrick Culter on Friday, May 26, 2017. Campbell was the passenger in the car.

 In the video, as Officer Culter is arresting the driver, Campbell argues with him, and he tries to take her into custody. Campbell swings her right fist at the officer and hits him in the face. This is when it was time for the disrespectful she-thug to learn a lesson.

At first, Campbell can be seen hugging the driver who was about to be arrested. Then she gets lippy with the officer.

“I’m tired of your mouth,” Culter can be heard yelling at Campbell. “Get the f*** out of here before I arrest you for the s*** you threw out the window for littering. Get out now or you can go to jail with her.”

“You stepped on my (expletive) foot,” Campbell said, to which Culter responded, “You know what? Forget it.” As Culture reaches for Campbell who has her back turned to him, she turns and swings, which turns out to be a big mistake. Instantly, Culture puts her over the trunk of a car and then on the ground. Culture orders Campbell to the ground as she continues to struggle.

“You like hitting people, don’t you?” Campbell can be heard screaming.

“Let go of my handcuffs now,” Culter yelled. “Take your hands off them.”

Officer Culter had enough of this girl’s belligerence and nasty attitude. Three shocks from his stun gun quickly fixed the problem, according to local news source WDIV. After she was released from jail, Campbell told WDIV, “I swung back, knowing he grabbed me, because he didn’t say anything,” Campbell said. “I didn’t know who it was.”

“But he was in full uniform,” reporter Jermont Terry said. “How did you not know?”
“That’s true,” Campbell said. “I didn’t see who was behind me, honestly,” Campbell said. She realizes now that she made a huge mistake. “I’m lucky to be alive,” Campbell said. “I guess the cop could have killed me.” Indeed, Campbell is lucky that Officer Culter was a patient man, and she deserved every ounce of punishment that he dished out.

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