Florida Thug Attacks Restaurant Chef At Work, Gets Served A Brutal Side Dish

A Florida thug who recently attacked a restaurant chef at work has found out the hard way that if you can’t stand the heat, you should stay out of the kitchen. According to police, the brainless thug walked in through the patio door of the joint to confront the chef, but he sure wasn’t going to be leaving that way after the fed up foodie served him up a brutal side dish, and rightfully so.

According to local news source News8, 29-year-old thug Vincent Angelety of New Port Richey, Florida, followed a restaurant chef into work on Saturday, May 27, 2017, at approximately 10 a.m. with some very bad intentions. A short time later, New Port Richey Police arrived at the Dulcet Restaurant and Lounge to find the chef holding a gun, standing over another man who was laying on the floor shot. What happened up to that point is a truly a lesson Angelety won’t forget.

According to Tampa Bay Times, as Angelety followed the man into work, he began beating him as the chef tried to escape his blows. The chef immediately yelled to another employee to call the police as he struggled with the thug who was trying to reach into his pockets, more than likely for his wallet.

This is when the victim decided he wasn’t about to get his butt kicked in his own restaurant. He reached into his own pocket and pulled out a small caliber handgun and shot Angelety, and rightfully so.

When police arrived, Angelety was laying on the ground bleeding with the chef standing over him, firearm still in his hand. Turns out, Angelety picked the wrong guy to rob because this one had a concealed carry permit and a gun, according to police.

“The employee who was fearful for his life pulled a small caliber handgun from his pocket and fired at the suspect,” police said in a statement. The chef is not being charged for defending himself. Angelety, on the other hand, was arrested and charged with burglary and battery as he was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The management of the restaurant published the following statement on their Facebook page.

Early this morning there was an incident at our Patio. While we don’t want to get ahead of the Police as they carry out their investigations, we want to make certain facts clear to forestall misinformation and rumors.

An unidentified male had gotten access into our Patio space early this morning. When one of our Chefs and our cleaning staff member came to work this morning, the Chef was attacked and assaulted by this person. The Chef was yelling for someone to call the Police as the assailant was trying to gain access into the Kitchen. The other staff member was in shock at the aggressiveness of the assailant. At some point, the Chef had no choice than to protect himself. The Police are still investigating but we do not expect any charges to be brought against any of our Employees. Dulcet Restaurant and Lounge is open for Business as usual. We thank the New Port Richey Police Department for their diligence and speed.”

According to a report by Pasco County Sheriff’s Department, this wasn’t Angelety’s first run in with the law. He was arrested on October 17, 2015, and charged with possession of cocaine, resisting an officer, and obstructing without violence. Again on December 17, 2016, he was arrested by the same law enforcement agency for alleged assault/battery on a law enforcement officer.

The thug was also busted by police for marijuana possession on January 15, 2017, according to another report by Pasco County Sheriff’s Department. It’s pretty clear that this moron wasn’t going to learn from his mistakes until the cook shot him. Perhaps this time, he will reconsider his “badass” lifestyle while he’s sitting in jail.

Once again, the 2nd Amendment allows a law abiding American citizen to meet the violent force of a brutal aggressor with equal or greater force. God bless America. If the chef hadn’t been prepared for this day to come, he could be in the hospital or dead. How does he provide for his family at that point? These are things that every American patriot should think about. Our country has millions of thugs like Angelety who prey on those they see as weaker or vulnerable, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. What can change is our ability to deal with those situations by supporting and exercising our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

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