After 22 Dead & 59 Injured, Badass Warrior Puts ISIS In Their Place With 3 Brutal Words

ISIS has taken credit for the devastating attack last night in Manchester, England, resulting in 22 dead and even more injured. Unfortunately for the terrorist organization, a badass warrior has since come forward to put them in their place – and all it took was 3 extremely brutal words.

As most of the world is aware, horror struck last night after a Muslim man walked into an Ariana Grande concert and detonated the suicide vest he was wearing. According to ABC News, 22 victims are reported dead and another 59 were left injured, but those numbers could still be on the rise.

Since the devastating attack, ISIS has come forward to take credit for the bloodshed, but that’s not all. Currently, the leftist media is doing their best to censor the news by both leaving the attacker’s religion out of the equation and instead choosing to focus coverage on the so-called “collusion” between President Donald Trump and Russia.

Of course, we all know they would hate to expose the dangerous and barbaric ways of Islam, but it seems that not everyone is so keen on covering up the truth. In fact, a badass warrior currently fighting ISIS in the Middle East has come forward to put the terrorists in their place.

Known only as Peshmergaswe, the man reportedly lives in Sweden but frequently travels to fight against ISIS with the Duhok Anti-Terror unit (Peshmerga / Kurds). Not only that, but he is doing so voluntarily, funds the costs himself, and even leaves behind family and loved ones as he selflessly helps rid the world of the ISIS scum.

Unfortunately for ISIS, he just surfaced ontype=3&theater”>Facebook again – and this time, he ripped them to shreds. “I am Iraq, I am Syria, I am India, I am Charlie, I am Paris, I am Orlando, I am Brussels, I am Nice, I am Munich, I am Berlin, I am Stockholm, I am #Manchester,” he began before adding, “and I am tired.” But, he was only getting started.

“You target innocent kids after failing to fight us on (the) ground? Cowards!” he added, speaking directly to ISIS. Peshmergaswe then went on to drop three resounding words that have since been heard around the world: “F*ck your ideology, f*ck your jihad and f*ck your paradise.” Of course, it goes without saying that his sentiments are shared by many.

At this point, ISIS has committed genocide and continues to murder innocent people in the name of an ideology that some are unwilling to acknowledge for the sake of “political correctness.” How many more people have to die before the left sees the threat that Islam poses to the world?

Innocent victims are being slaughtered every day, and liberals still want to fight against so-called “Islamaphobia.” It’s not a phobia when people have every right to fear the ideology calling for this kind of bloodshed. Are the feelings of Muslims actually worth more than the lives of the people who are actually dying at the hands of those who fundamentally follow this “religion” just as its prophet exampled?

This is ridiculous, and at this point, we need a few badasses like Peshmergaswe out there to spread the truth and fight against the very real threat. After all, who better to expose these horrors than the men who are in the trenches combatting this evil? ISIS needs to be wiped from the face of the planet – and the people who argue against that are probably too thick for their own good anyway.

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