5-Year-Old Turns Up At Hospital Drunk, Cops Make Horrifying Discovery

A five-year-old New Mexico boy was transported to the hospital with a .2 blood alcohol level, leading cops to make a horrifying discovery about what he was forced to drink. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of a sickening case of child abuse, which spanned years and involved the boy, as well as his two siblings.

The 5-year-old boy had become intoxicated after drinking mouthwash because he was so thirsty and desperate for a drop of anything to drink. In the past, he had even drunk water from the toilet because the dehydration was so severe. While treating him, doctors discovered marks all over the child’s body, suggesting that he had been painfully abused for his entire life. He wasn’t the only one, either.

The boy, his six-year-old sister, and their three-year-old brother would recount for authorities a harrowing tale of child abuse that saw them attacked with coat hangers, spatulas, shoes, and multiple other objects. They would even get choked or punched in the face by their father Tyriese Howard and his live-in girlfriend Breya Allen, who were found of dishing out brutal “whoopins.”


A local 5-year-old boy told police he would get so thirsty that he was forced to drink from the toilet. Police only learned of that after he showed up to the hospital with a blood-alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit.

The boy had such a high blood-alcohol level because police say he was drinking mouthwash. Police also found injuries over his body. His parents are now behind bars.

Tyriese Howard and his live-in girlfriend Breya Allen appeared in front of a judge for the first time Friday. Both of them are facing allegations of child abuse involving at least two of the three children who lived in a home with them at the Westwood Village Apartments. [Source: KOB4]

The children had been too scared to report the abuse they were living through. Howard and Allen, whom they referred to as their mom, threatened them by saying “snitches get switches.” However, when the 5-year-old was eventually hospitalized, there was no longer any way to hide what was going on behind closed doors.

“Whenever the mom would get upset, she would grab the kids from one arm, and like, drag them,” recalled a neighbor who had witnessed Allen being rough with the children.

“I didn’t see the children very often. I saw them occasionally but I didn’t really hear any screaming nothing like that,” said another neighbor, Diane Yesville. “I feel bad like I feel like I should have heard something. I mean there’s a lot of music, maybe that’s it. But it’s not like I’m completely oblivious. I thought I would have heard something.”


The Children, Youth and Families Department confirmed that the boy and one of his siblings are now staying with a foster family, but wouldn’t say if this was the first time the department had been made aware of reports of abuse by the family.

Albuquerque police confirmed they have been called out to the apartment seven times over the past three years for reports of disturbances, noise and a custody dispute. It is not clear whether any of these calls were to investigate allegations of abuse. [Source: Daily Mail]

Meanwhile, Howard and Allen appeared in court on Friday, where the judge set bail at $50,000 each. There is truly no way to describe the pair but pure evil. Those who victimize society’s most helpless are the worst kind of predators. They deserve to rot in prison where they can no longer harm their children or any others.

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